Really? You can’t be serious.

Yup. You read right. I’m giving away the following services for free. No strings attached. No up-sells. No forms. I don’t harvest contact information (you’ll get no spam from me).

People helped me when I got started. This is my way of paying it forward. Enjoy.

free headshot review

Not sure if your current headshot is helping or hurting? Send it to me and I’ll give you my honest feedback. Be sure to tell me a bit about yourself as well - what works for a business executive might not work for lead guitar of a heavy metal band. If you’re both, that’s cool too.

Send me your current headshot by email or through LinkedIn or Instagram and I’ll send you my thoughts. It’s that easy.

If you already know you need a new headshot and are trying to decide which photographer to use, be sure to check out my article on what you need to know before you buy. Lots of great info.

free headshot for professional photographers

If you’re a full-time professional photographer and find yourself in the National Capital Region, I will give you a headshot for free. We can talk shop while you’re in my studio. I’ll show you my lighting, my settings, my workflow, the whole #shabang.

You see, I've been honing my craft under the mentorship of Peter Hurley and some of the best headshot photographers in the world. If you’re not familiar with the HeadshotCrew, check it out. Imagine 15,000 photographers from 132 countries focused solely on headshots. Within this group, HeadShotCrew Associates are photographers whose portfolios have been personally reviewed and approved by Peter himself. It’s a rare distinction - there are only 110 in the world.

I’m one of them.

Every photographer needs a great headshot. I want you to be proud of yours. So proud, in fact, that you use it on your website, social media feeds, maybe your business card.

People will ask “Who did your headshot”?

Send me a link to your website and let’s get this started.

PS. Who did my headshot, you ask? Peter Hurley.

free mentoring sessions for acting schools and agents

If you’re a local acting school or agency that represents actors, and we can get our schedules aligned, I’ll come and teach your actors what they absolutely need to know to get an awesome headshot.

You see, there are some posing secrets and tricks that all great actors and headshot photographers know. There’s also some common pitfalls that every amateur does without knowing any better.

Casting Directors know these differences. If you want to “stop the scroll” and get more callbacks, you’ll be happy you called me first.

free beer

If you’re a local headshot photographer, let’s have some fun and go head-to-head.

Here’s the deal:

  1. We each shoot the same human, a single one-hour session within a week of each other. No hair and makeup artist, no styling or wardrobe consultant, no assistants. Just raw photography skills.

  2. We pick the best headshot from the session and post a side-by-side poll on both our IG stories on the same day. No indication of who shot which image.

  3. We sum the results. Winner buys the loser a case of beer. Loser grants the winner usage rights for marketing collateral.

Cocky? Maybe. Let’s find out.