on location

Location shoots are perfect for busy executives, teams, and organizations interested in a consistent look for websites, annual reports, marketing brochures or linked-in profiles. Time and convenience is the game here as I bring my studio to you (within the National Capital Region please). You get the same quality product as you would in my studio without leaving the office. Here are some quick pointers on how to prepare!

how do I prepare?

the basics

Get a good night’s sleep, drink plenty of water, eat heathy and breathe deep. Arrive early with an expectation of having a good time. You will do great. 

We are a team and I have your back.  

what to wear

It’s your story so wear what you love. Our focus is shoulders and up, so we only need to think about tops. Solid bold colours with simple necklines work best. You can also stick to the classic whites, greys and blacks if that’s your thing. It’s cool to add a mixture of professional and casual, funky and cool, layers and textures. Try to avoid loud patterns, baggy or loose clothing, really high collars, and anything wrinkled - unless, of course, these things define who you are! Just be you.

If you are going for more of a business look, well-tailored or slim-fit jackets (without shoulder-pads) work best. If you normally wear a tie, bring a few with solid colours or small patterns as these tend to work best. For dress shirts worn with a jacket and tie, I highly recommend solid colours (white, cream, light blue, light pink, light purple, light grey). Shirts worn with a jacket but no tie can easily have a some texture or pattern.  


Please arrive with your makeup and hair ready to go how you normally wear it. A fresh, natural classic look works best - less is more, and we can always add as the shoot progresses. If makeup was your voice - think "whisper" not "shout". Here are some awesome makeup tips for a great headshot: 

  • liquid foundation always looks better than powder

  • keep the lip colour close to your natural lip colour or one shade darker and glossy

  • go easy on the blush

  • keep eyes looking defined but natural with soft blended eyeliner

  • neutral colour eyeshadow is usually best

  • blend, blend, blend ... then blend some more

  • wear mascara and curl your lashes

Things to avoid! 

  • visible hard-edge lip liner

  • hard-edge liquid eyeliner or 'cat eyes'

  • harsh lines or heavy smoked-out eyeshadow

  • false eyelashes (unless you normally wear them and know how to apply them)

  • pencilling in eyebrows with a harsh line

  • clumpy mascara

  • too much blush

  • dramatic lip colour

  • powder foundation

  • colour differences between areas with and without makeup

  • glitter

If your don't normally wear any makeup, that's cool too! I do recommend a facial moisturizer of some kind so we don't have any dry skin issues. And if you tend to have oily skin, I have a wonderful product that we use to cut the shine if need be.


Lips are so important they get their own section. Please moisturize your lips (guys, especially you!) - in fact, start moisturizing a few days before your photo session. Dry, chapped lips do not retouch well. You’ve been warned.


Clean, dry hair done the way you normally wear it (on a good hair day) works best. Hairstyles are extremely personal and only you know how you like to wear it best. If you need a haircut or colour touch-up, please be sure to get this done at least two or three days before your session. If you have long hair, we will likely shoot some with you in a ponytail, so bring what you need.

For those shaving, make sure you shave well the morning of your session. If you want a little scruff or have a full beard, that's cool too - make sure your edges are nice and clean! 

And be sure to pluck or trim any pesky chin, nose and ear hairs. 


Done right they give tons of personality. They can also be terribly distracting. Small earrings with no other jewelry are great for a clean professional look.

If you wear glasses, bring every pair. Some coatings do better under the lights then others. Shades are cool too.  

pose like a pro

Homework time! Here are a few YouTube videos by my friend and mentor Peter Hurley that I encourage you to watch before your session. 

  • It's all about the Jaw shows you the secrets behind getting that chiseled jaw (no more double chin)!

  • It's all about the Squinch teaches you how to nail that confident look (no more deer-in-the-headlights)!

  • Hold your Sub lets you in on the secret of streamlining your shoulders and arms (bye bye bingo arms)!

Practice these moves before you arrive (yup, there's a test). We will use all of these magic moves during our session.  

Thanks for reading to the end!

All rates and terms are subject to change without notice.